Meet Albert.

Albert is the floor manager in a chocolate factory that prides itself on manufacturing an assortment of chocolate bars at a speed only Superman wishes he could achieve.

ChocolatePart of Albert’s job is overseeing a complex network of equipment on the production line. Each piece of equipment performs a unique function and, for the most part, sourced from different suppliers. The complexity and diversity of the machines can cause Albert quite the headache if something goes wrong and can lead to serious downtime and lost revenue.

In the past, when Albert had a failure with one of his machines, it meant relying on a lengthy phone call with the equipment manufacturer or bringing in an off-site expert to work on the machine. Both ended up costing him valuable time and money.

Thankfully, Albert figured out a much “sweeter” (and faster) way of resolving issues through the use of live-streaming video technology.

Now, after identifying problems, Albert has the option to use real-time video to “video in” the maker of the troublesome machine to assist with diagnosing and repair of the problem. Albert gets the help he needs right away and can get his factory up and running in hours – not days or weeks.

This is surely good news for all the chocolate lovers out there!

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