Technology advances have enabled the rise of the “remote” workforce, but one very important working segment has been ignored.

We’re talking about actual remote workers – not a person working in sweatpants from their living room, but workers in the field dealing with incredibly complex problems.

Herein lies the dilemma that organizations in industries like manufacturing, aviation, public utilities and cable continue to face:

What happens when an issue occurs out in the field, but their on-site workers don’t have the skillset or background to properly identify and fix the problem?

Vidcie tackles this challenge head on with its live-streaming video solution for the enterprise that instantly connects workers in the field with offsite specialists to troubleshoot problems in real-time.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce that we are rounding out our offering with the launch of Vidcie App for iOS and Android to allow any remote worker in a Vidcie-enabled organization to instantly turn their mobile device into an enterprise-grade video camera.

The Vidcie App is an excellent option in situations where a dedicated Vidcie wearable camera is unavailable, but the need for live-streaming video exists.

Built into the Vidcie app is the ability to enjoy a no obligation 14-day FREE Trial of Vidcie Live Video Assist.

With the free trial, you can use your mobile device as a Vidcie live-streaming camera and syma-x5c guide experience the benefits of real-time video collaboration via Vidcie Central.

Check it out for yourself, and consider it an early holiday gift!

Learn more about the Vidcie Live Video Assist free trial here.

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