Vidcie: First in live mobile video streaming for enterprise

Vidcie excels in 5 key areas of handsfree mobile streaming video
Vidcie Cloud

  1. Ensuring smooth video streaming over constrained networks
  2. Ergonomic, wearable, mountable camera technology
  3. End-to-end video management across all potential areas of congestion
  4. Central policy management and control over the system cameras
  5. Highly flexible and scalable servers with ubiquitous viewing across any network, browser or computer platform

How we do mobile video streaming

Streaming live video and audio across mobile networks is no easy feat. The challenges are many. Mobile networks are unpredictable and changing environmental conditions (like vehicles driving by, buildings between you and cell towers or other people using the network) can have a negative impact on available mobile bandwidth. This can result in data packet loss, jerky video, long latency, low frame rates, and poor audio.

Vidcie Live Video Service handles these technical hurdles by utilizing effective congestion management techniques, optimizing transmission variability in mobile networks, and efficient packet transmission. We provide best-in-class streaming latency, seconds faster than competitive solutions.

Wearable, mountable, handsfree streaming video service

Quality live streaming video has to work for you and your job as a communication medium. We focused on making our service  lightweight and small enough to be wearable with enough mounts and accessories that they can be placed where you need them and function handsfree. The on-board battery will operate for over an hour and is easily extended to a full day shift with readily available pocket-sized USB power packs. We even developed ruggedized and all-weather options for when your job takes you outdoors and into the elements.

Wide-Angle 123 Degree Vidcie Lookout
Wide-Angle 123° Lookout 2uB

Multiple camera and lens options

To satisfy your requirements for customized fields of view or low-light situations, our devices come with different lens and sensor combinations. The most light-sensitive sensor will detect and transmit low-light images better than the human eye. The 123° fisheye lens will capture an entire doorway from 1 meter distance.

Video is captured and stored in industry-standard MPEG-4 with high fidelity AAC audio. Our current range of cameras offer resolution of 480p with 24 frames per second, which provides high quality, smooth motion video for wireless streaming over mobile networks.

End-to-end Quality of Service

The Vidcie Live Video Service monitors network congestion and automatically adjusts streaming resolution and frame rate if network conditions deteriorate to preserve video quality and a smooth viewing experience. By controlling transmission all the way from the sensor to the viewer, Vidcie is able to provide true end-to-end bandwidth management. At every possible congestion point across the system, we actively manage the quality of service.

The Vidcie server

Vidcie is designed to be centrally managed. This means that the broadcaster simply turns on the camera to start streaming. The rest of the video setup is pushed to the camera from the server. The server organizes cameras as groups, which help in maintaining teams or project structure. Users are granted access to video groups to view or manage the resulting video content. System administrators configure the required number of groups per system, cameras to group mappings, and user access to groups and the type of access.

Administrators can also configure individual video devices to:

  1. Allow/disallow video recording on the camera’s internal memory
  2. Enable/disable audio capture on the device
  3. Allow/disallow streamed video to record at the server for DVR replay

What you need to use Vidcie Live Video Service

  1. Video devices with accessories and mounts
  2. Your own WiFi network, WiFi hotspot or a mobile 3G/4G hotspot—our sweet spot is 1 megabit-per-second upload speeds
  3. Vidcie server software via our cloud service
  4. A web-browser on any tablet, smartphone or PC to connect to the Vidcie service