The Live-Streaming Video Solution for Business and Security Professionals

Explaining complicated situations verbally takes time and has limits. Whether repairing expensive capital equipment or conveying a quickly evolving security situation, response time is decreased with Vidcie. The Vidcie Live Video Service allows problem solvers to use mobile to go beyond the view of fixed cameras and follow a problem wherever it leads. Vidcie provides real-time visibility into what is happening as it happens to solve problems faster.


How Vidcie Works

The Vidcie Live Video Service connects to the backend system via WiFi networks via personal hotspots. The service works without the need for any mobile apps; simply turn on the cameras and they start recording and streaming video to the backend.

The cameras all have built-in WiFi and a built-in multi-hour battery which can be augmented via standard external USB battery pack for multiple days. The camera lenses are swappable for fields of view ranging from 65 degrees to 123 degrees. The service is optimized for smooth video streaming across WiFi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks with sub-second latency. The backend servers provide central monitoring, configuration, and policy management of the cameras. The servers also save video streams for reuse or archiving.

In addition, the system is highly scalable to up to 100s of channels of video feed and unlimited groups. The video is 480p, 30 frames per second quality which information fidelity that provides enough insight for problem solving. Centralized video management policies allow the administrator to determine which groups and devices can record and which ones should only stream. Any number of authorized users can simultaneously view the videos on any browser on any connected device. Virtual command centers will be available in the field on mobile devices or in HQ, allowing maximum visibility for optimal decision making.