Vidcie Live Video Service

In today's world, success depends on your ability to get critical information from one place to another. As remote team members encounter unexpected situations in the field they are challenged to describe complex issues over the phone. With Vidcie, your support teams see what your field teams see – in real time. The result is better communication, improved collaboration and faster resolution of issues.

With Vidcie, success is within sight.

Vidcie Live Video Service is an end–to-end solution employing Wi-Fi enabled mobile cameras, enterprise grade video streaming, storage and management and comprehensive control via Vidcie Central.

With Vidcie, you select the number of real-time video streams that you require. You decide which combination of mobile and wearable cameras is best for your team and you choose the level of video storage and support. With Vidcie, you are in control.


Vidcie Cameras & Kits
With multiple camera form factors and a wide array of available accessories, Vidcie Kits & Cameras are the ideal broadcast endpoint for virtually any application.

Vidcie Cloud
Featuring robust video processing, streaming and archiving, Vidcie Cloud enables you to securely deliver critical video content to the right people at the right time.

Vidcie Central
The heart of Vidcie Live Video Service, Vidcie Central provides multi-channel video streaming, full DVR functionality and comprehensive user access control.

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Have a few minutes? See how Vidcie is changing field communication with Live Streaming Video and Vidcie Central.


Select from a variety of different VidcieCast channel and Vidcie Camera Kit offerings to create the perfect configuration for your unique needs.

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