They win.

When the folks from Abseilon get home from work and their families ask “how was your day?” they win. In the world of cool jobs that result in cool stories, Abseilon quite literally rises above the crowd – or in this case, above the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Specializing in working at-height, Abseilon’s team of access professionals uses Vidcie’s real-time video system to connect with their clients’ on-ground experts while on site. This allows the Abseilon team to become virtual experts in any situation and deliver the results that their clients demand – every time.

On the evening of November 10, 2014, the Abseilon team (clearly bored with their work suspended above the Grand Canyon) arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and put their unique skills to the test. Brought in to assist with the installation of new equipment in the Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit, the Abseilon team was able to quickly and efficiently get team members into location to perform the required work. And, of course, Vidcie was there. For this task, Abseilon Vice President Kenneth Piposar set up static Vidcie Live Video Assist Cameras throughout the exhibit hall as well as equip his team with body and helmet mounted cams. By doing so, Ken was able to maintain complete visibility of all aspects of the job in real time.

We’ll be following up this post with additional photos and video from this very unique Field Service call, but for now please join us as we realize that our jobs just aren’t this cool.

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