Created to allow prospective customers to better understand how Vidcie Live Video Assist can help them to enhance communication and increase productivity, Vidcie is about to offer a free 14 day trial of our Live Video Assist service.

This free trial will be available as a downloadable app for both iOS and Android Smartphones and will support a single channel of real-time video streaming as well as provide access to Vidcie Central, our powerful browser based video playback and system administration interface. An added bonus of this architecture is that you will be able to use your Smartphone as your mobile connected camera for real-time video transmission.

During the trial period, users will be able to capture and stream live video from virtually any location and have this video viewed in real-time by teammates anywhere in the world. The streamed video will also be stored in the Vidcie Cloud and available for review at a later date or download to local storage for archiving.
Please visit and sign up to be notified by email when the app is available for download.

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