The newest technology and gadgets are no longer reserved for consumers and white collar businesses. New solutions tailored to make the lives of field service workers easier are released every day and are designed to improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and help workers address problems faster than ever. Whether you work for a cable company, public utility provider or in an industrial environment, there are solutions out there to help make your job easier – and more efficient.

When it comes to field services, consider using these 4 tech tools:

real-time remote video streaming for field service1. Real-Time Video Streaming Technology

Through the use of live-streaming video technology, companies can rest assured that jobs in the field are done correctly – whether that means using video to track work as it is completed by a technician or having experts provide valuable virtual support to field crews as it is needed. For example, field service workers can now turn their mobile devices into a live-streaming camera and invite experts to see what they’re dealing with, allowing them to work through a solution together in real-time. This eliminates multiple visits to a specific site — improving customer satisfaction and saving companies valuable time and money.

remote video streaming for field service management technology2. Field Service Management Technology

When you have a company with thousands of vehicles, you need a system that will help keep track of every moving part. These systems normally combine both hardware and software to support field service companies in routing and tracking vehicles, managing employee activity and dispatch and scheduling, among other things. It allows companies that deal with installations, services or repairs of systems or equipment to track and dispatch technicians, assuring every technician, part and task is accounted for. Think of it as an electrical day-planner on steroids.

tablets used for remote video streaming software3. Tablets

Tablets are no longer for the average Joe wanting to watch movies on a four-hour flight. When in the field, technicians and workers need access to an incredible amount of information, ranging from maps to schedules to work orders. One of the great things about tablets is that they put all the necessary information into the workers’ hands in one device –as they need it. With tablets becoming more rugged, and mobile connectivity increasing, it’s no surprise they’ve become the Swiss Army Knife of the field service industry.

smart glasses for field service remote video streaming4. Smart Glasses

While still in their infant stage, smart glasses are an intriguing tool for field services. When designed with field and industrial applications in mind, smart glasses can fill an important role for technicians and workers. From hands-free cameras to heads-up displayed analytics, the possibilities surrounding the use of smart glasses in field services are almost limitless. As they are brewing to be the next ‘big thing’ in the field services world, questions on how and when they will be deployed en masse will most definitely be answered in the near future. Also consider health insurance NZ

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