Higher Customer Satisfaction

Means Higher Customer Retention

See the Problem

Solve the Problem

Crowd Sourced Security

A Camera in every hand

Faster Problem Resolution

When you see what they see

If a Tree Falls...

You can see it


Bring Live Video to Your Software

Whether you're looking to eliminate Customer Service Calls or step into the world of Crowd Sourced Security, Vidcie will help you harness the power of live streaming video.

With Vidcie, success is within sight.


Designed to deliver low latency video over today’s unpredictable cellular networks, Vidcie provides the power and flexibility you demand for your customer engagement or security needs.


Combining the benefits of live video with the power of data, Vidcie provides access to comprehensive Metadata associated with each video stream.


Vidcie offers a full set of SDKs and APIs to ensure seamless integration of Live Video into your applications and systems.