Vidcie InSight
360° Situational Awareness

Enhance your existing dispatch and response systems with this unique incident intelligence solution. Empower your citizens and security team members to transmit Geo-tagged Text messages, Photos and Real-time video directly from their smartphones to your operations center. Enable your dispatch and control teams to make more informed, more timely and more efficient decisions.

Vidcie InSight is a complete, mobile safety solution which enables your team to dramatically enhance situational awareness as events unfold.

Requiring no proprietary hardware, Vidcie InSight employs standard smartphones as multimedia reporting devices and incorporates a web-browser based interface on the viewing end, known as Vidcie Central.

The result is a supremely dynamic addition to existing communication systems allowing security officers in central operations centers to receive real time text and video reports from their constituents and see exactly what their remote teammates see in real time.

Designed to provide a clear view of what is happening where and when, Vidcie InSight brings communication into focus like never before.

Vidcie In Action

Powerful and flexible, Vidcie InSight is the ideal solution for MTAs, Police and Law Enforcement, Campus Security and more.

Vidcie Central

Combining crowdsourced rich media, customizable activity Alerts and powerful Metadata, Vidcie Central provides unsurpassed situational awareness.

Mobile App

Bring the power and ubiquity of the smartphone to your security system with a Vidcie-powered mobile App. Equip your team and empower your citizens with real-time, rich media incident reporting.