Vision where you want it.
Expertise where you need it.

Vidcie Live Video Assist helps your team become more productive, more efficient and more effective.

Vidcie combines real-time video streaming, cloud based video archiving and mobile, wearable camera technology to bring communication into focus like never before. Whether you’re looking to enhance situational awareness in a security environment or deliver remote know-how to field service agents, Vidcie will open your eyes to a new world of team collaboration.

Cameras & Kits

With multiple camera form factors and a wide array of available accessories, Vidcie Cameras & Kits are the ideal broadcast endpoint for virtually any application.

Vidcie Cloud

Featuring robust video processing, streaming and archiving, the Vidcie Cloud enables you to securely deliver critical video content to the right people at the right time.

Vidcie Central

The heart of Vidcie Live Video Service, Vidcie Central provides multi-channel video streaming, full DVR control and comprehensive user access control.


Vidcie Pricing Plans include everything you need to get started with Live Video Streaming